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Claybrook Freestanding Basins & Vanity Tops
Claybrook Freestanding Fulte Bath Tub

Claybrook reinvents classic British bathroom design to update it for the 21st Century, and creates luxury products that are at once familiar in their reference to the past, yet unique in their timeless appeal.  With years of interior design experience, Claybrook specializes in combining the finest eco-friendly natural and recycled materials with an innovative approach to design, uniting the quest for physical balance and beauty with a truly British understanding of quality and craftsmanship.

Vitraform offers a wide range of basin styles and sizes in an array of colors and finishes.  Hand-engraved patterns as well as a wide range of hardware for different types of installations are included in the line.  New products are continuously added as the company strives to maintain its edge in the industry.  All products are manufactured in the original factory in Denver.  

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Vitraform Double Bowl CounterSinks
Vitraform Standard, Undercounter and CounterTop Basins
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Palmer Sink Legs
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Palmer Studio and Cantilever Shelving

Palmer Industries is the leading manufacturer of vanity sink legs and designer shelving.  Palmer washstands are proudly manufactured in the USA – designed, fabricated, assembled, and packaged in our Rhode Island facility.  Palmer specializes in the design and fabrication of custom shelving systems. We maintain complete control over the entire process, enabling Palmer to efficiently and accurately custom fabricate to any size, configuration, style, or finish.

Palmer Ind.
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AD-Waters has been a leading name in the plumbing industry for over three decades.  With their vast experience, they have become experts in their field, providing dealers with an all-encompassing portfolio of plumbing products.  AD-Waters has built a reputation for delivering top-of-the-line plumbing fixtures and accessories with exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

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